Registration - Summer Session

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Summer 2018 online course offerings are for students taking a course for the first time as well as for students who need to repeat a course and make up a credit. ​

CCPSOnline summer session classes will begin on July 2 and end on August 9, 2018. Students taking Physical Education classes will be able to begin logging PE activity hours on June 4 if their PE plan has been approved by their teacher.

The classes are available to students 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Parents and students will need an email address that is checked daily. This is our primary source of communication. Students will need an easily accessible Internet connection. Using the public library is not recommended during the summer.

Summer Session Tuition and Payment


Resident Non-resident
1 credit: $250 1 credit: $500
.5 credit: $125 .5 credit: $250

Payment Options

  • Personal check, cashier's check, or money order made payable to  the CCPS home school which receives the registration signature form. Payments sent to or made at the CCPSOnline Office location are payable to Chesterfield County Public Schools.
  • Credit card payments are accepted at the CCPSOnline payments page on the Chesterfield County Public Schools Administrative Offices Online School Payments (OSP) portal. CCPSOnline will receive an email confirmation of your credit card payment. You will need to bring a copy of your email receipt along with the registration signature form to your home school.
  • Payment plans must be arranged by appointment and in person at the CCPSOnline Office location. Payment plans will not be accepted at the home school or any other location.


Refunds must be requested in writing and will require administrative approval. No refund requests will be accepted after July 11.



All summer session courses require a final proctored exam (exam may not be at the students' home school). Students who are taking a course that also requires an SOL end of course test, must take that SOL test during the summer session unless they have previously passed that test. Students will need transportation to and from the exam. Students will receive an email from their teacher by July 23 containing instructions on how to register to take their final exam(s).

Dates for Exams

  • For seniors graduating at the end of summer session (or students completing courses early), the exam window is July 30-August 2.
  • For students taking an SOL test, the testing window is July 30 - August 2.
  • Students who pass the SOL test during the summer session may use that as their final proctored exam.
  • For other students the exam window is August 6-9.

Final exams are mandatory to receive credit for the course.


Informational Module

Please view our CCPSOnline module available on the Registration page (close this lightbox) that helps students understand how an online class works through CCPSOnline. All students interested in enrolling in a CCPSOnline class must complete this presentation in order to register for classes.

If you plan to take Health and Physical Education online, you must also view the HPE module (available using the Health and PE link on the Registration page—just close this lightbox).