A Special Note for Parents & Guardians of Online Students:

Your involvement can play a big part in helping your student achieve success in their online classes. Parents and guardians are encouraged to take an active role in learning about the activities that will be required for course completion. Class instructors will welcome contact with you and be happy to discuss your student's progress in their classes, so don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. Specific things that you can do to help you student include:

  • review all registration and course information with your student
  • help set up a good work space for the computer in your home
  • help your student set up a regular schedule for working on their assignments
  • be aware of when chat sessions are scheduled and help minimize schedule conflicts
  • ask questions about how the class is going and what your student is working on
  • contact CCPSOnline administrators or class instructors if you have any questions

The Goals of CCPSOnline

  • Provide students the opportunity to take courses in an online high school diploma program
  • Provide students new to Chesterfield County the opportunity for course sequencing alignment
  • Provide students the opportunity to earn additional credits towards graduation
  • Provide home school/private school students the opportunity to enroll in a maximum of two classes per year, space permitting
  • Provide adult learners the opportunity to acquire a high school diploma