HPE Information Module—School Year and Summer

Students interested in Online Health and Physical Education should view the module below.


Credits for 9th and 10th grade Health and Physical Education are required for graduation, and may be acquired through CCPSOnline - an online class environment. These classes give students the option to meet the HPE 1 and HPE 2 credits outside of the traditional school building. By doing this course online, the student is able to take additional elective coursework in the school building. Students interested in taking either of the courses need to complete the online CCPSOnline module found on our Registration page (close this lightbox) and the online registration form. Additionally, students need to print out the signature form, sign it along with their parents and return that form to be approved by the school counselor and school principal. The completed signature form will then be sent to the CCPSOnline Office. The enrollment process is not finished until all of these steps have been completed.

girl completing martial arts for PEThe Health courses are accomplished by completing coursework in an online class, which is located in Blackboard. Therefore, students learn 21st century technology skills that they will need later in their academic careers. The Physical Education courses are accomplished by completing 60 physical activity hours in a variety of approved activities at approved fitness centers or as a part of approved team participation (see activity choices sheet). Students assess their fitness level at the beginning and end of the course. All specific requirements of both the Health and Physical Education courses meet the State Department of Education Guidelines and are presented to the families through completion of the online orientation module. CCPSOnline also conducts a "Back to School" Night meeting for students and parents to meet their teachers face-to-face. The schedule for these meetings is posted on the CCPSOnline calendar at http://ccpsonline.ccpsnet.net.

Health and PE Documents

P.E. Activity Choices
P.E. Approved Fitness Facilities List
P.E. Guidelines - School Year
P.E. Guidelines - Summer 2018

Driver Education

The online Health and P.E. courses are not permitted by the State to provide driver education. The student may acquire classroom driver education in one of three ways. Fees apply for each of these options: