Introduction to Sociology
CS224O 0.5 Credit
The goal of the sociology curriculum is to provide the background and framework for students to better understand their roles in society and the effects of various groups’ actions and interactions on society. As students study American society, they incorporate many of the concepts learned in other disciplines of social students such as responsibilities; rights; cause and effect; choices and their impact; and the importance of communication, organizations, relationships, and the major American cultural institutions. This new application of traditional social studies skills and concepts provides a valuable awareness and insight into the general importance of and need for a broad understanding of the social studies. This course is .5 credit as a Social Studies elective for the high school diploma.

CS238O 0.5 Credit
This course provides students with an introduction to the study of behavior and mental processes. They will learn the facts and concepts important to the different fields of psychology and explore the methods used within these fields. This course is .5 credit as a Social Studies elective for the high school diploma.

Visual Art 1
CS911O One Credit

Students will learn visual art techniques related to drawing, painting, mixed media and sculpture in this hands-on course. This course is heavily focused on creating artwork, and it also includes reading, multimedia, writing and discussions related to visual art concepts, history and theory. Students will document their artwork to build and maintain a portfolio. This course earns students a full credit for Visual Art & Design I, which meets requirements for a standard or advanced diploma. Students of all skill levels and experience are welcome to enroll in this entry-level art experience.

One Credit

In digital media & graphic design the student will have the opportunity to explore and expand creative knowledge in the field of electronic imaging and graphic communications. The student will learn the technical skills necessary for artistic problem solving using the elements and principles of design. Current and ongoing developments in the field will be addressed. Emphasis will be on approaching the computer as a creative and practical tool.

Computer Applications
CS101O 0.5 Credit

This one semester course introduces students to the basics components of a personal computer and how to use the Internet for a variety of purposes. Students are introduced to productivity software, such as using spreadsheets and word processing, when creating projects for school or the workplace. Student learn skills that are applicable in Microsoft Office or Google applications and essential to the digital age we live in.

Introduction to Forensic Science
CS460O One Credit

This is a multidisciplinary laboratory course connecting scientific concepts with their application to forensic investigation. This course will emphasize the role of interdisciplinary science topics and techniques used to analyze evidence.