Algebra I
CS320O One Credit
The standard Algebra I course incorporates all of the foundation skills that are necessary for students to pursue college preparatory mathematics in high school. The properties of and operations on numbers are extended to include the development of the real number system. Sets, equations, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, functions, graphing, systems of equations, and quadratics are the major topics of study. Additionally, the ability to make comparisons of one-variable data sets using statistical techniques including measures of central tendency, range, and box-and-whisker graphs is an expectation for all students in Algebra I. This course is the first course required for the meeting the math requirements for a high school diploma.

Algebra II
CS340O One Credit
Algebra II extends the concepts that students have encountered in previous coursework and provides a thorough treatment of advanced algebraic concepts. Emphasis will be placed on practical applications, logic of procedures, and interpretation of results. Graphing calculators and computers will enhance the students’ understanding. Students will be expected to communicate and practice mathematical ideas appropriately. Pre-requisites: Algebra I, Geometry or AFDA (Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis)

CS330O One Credit
Geometry is a unified study of plane, solid, and coordinate geometric concepts which provides students with the prerequisite skills that will facilitate the study of advanced mathematics. Investigations of lines, planes, congruencies, similarities, geometric inequalities, parallelism, perpendicularity, polygons, areas, volumes, circles, and three-dimensional figures are incorporated to provide a complete course of study. Opportunities are provided for discovery learning through hands-on activities and experiences that allow for utilizing computer software to explore major concepts and develop problem solving skills. This course meets the Geometry or second math requirement for a high school diploma. Pre-requisites: Algebra I

Honors Geometry
CS330H One Credit

CS334O One Credit

Computer Math
CS381O One Credit