History / Social Studies

World History I
CS209O One Credit
This program moves students toward an understanding of our increasingly diverse and complicated society. Its goal is to inform students of humanity's shared values and unique differences in order to produce tolerant and well-informed citizens. The World History and Geography I curriculum incorporates state and national standards and recent scholarship in world history and geography. Chesterfield County students will recognize and appreciate the "human experience" that is central to all people. This course meets the world history/geography requirement for a high school diploma.

World History II
CS210O One Credit
Students in World History/ World Geography 1500 C.E. to the Present will build on the basic historic, geographical, political, and economic concepts presented to them in the first year of the program. The diversity of culture and the evolution of human history will be explored chronologically and geographically from the Renaissance to the present. The study of World History prepares the student for better citizenship and participation in a democracy, and the use of technology in the global community.

Virginia and US History
CS211O One Credit
This course will chronicle the history of the United States from the first European exploration of the Americas to the present. Individuals and groups that contributed to the unique evolution of the United States will be studied. Both domestic and foreign policies will be examined at various points in time as the United States developed into a democratic world power. While focusing on political and economic history, this course will include a study of the American culture. This course is the equivalent of SS 211, meeting the VA/US History requirements for the high school diploma.

Honors Virginia and US History
CS211H One Credit

Virginia and US Government
CS212O One Credit
The curriculum examines the structure and functions of our federal form of government. The decision-making processes at the local, state, national, and international levels are emphasized. The foundations of American government, the politics of American democracy, and constitutional rights and responsibilities are explored in depth. United States political and economic systems are compared to those of other nations, with emphasis on the relationships between economic and political freedoms. Economic content includes the United States market system, supply and demand, and the role of government in the economy. Democratic values and citizen participation are stressed throughout the course. This course meets the Virginia/US Government requirements for the high school diploma.

Economics and Personal Finance
CS612O One Credit
The Economics and Personal Finance course is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning and successful completion of this course is required for graduation. The course presents economic concepts that help students interpret the daily news, understand how interdependent the world's economies are, and anticipate how events will impact their lives. On a personal level, students learn that their own human capital (knowledge and skills) is their most valuable resource and that investing in education and training improves the likelihood of their future economic success. The standards also help students develop thinking skills that include analyzing real-world situations, economic reasoning, decision making, and problem solving.

Honors Economics and Personal Finance
CS612H One Credit

CS232O 0.5 Credit
Economics is an introduction to how the United States economy works. Students learn the basics of economic theory and gain practical experience in how those ideas affect people and businesses. The course introduces students to how decisions are made in the four areas of production. Topics include saving, spending, and borrowing; the law of supply and demand, the Federal Reserve System; sources of money supply; and how the government plays a unique role in an open market economy.

Personal Finance
CS389O 0.5 Credit
Students need a strong foundation in personal finance to function effectively as consumers, savers, investors, and active citizens. This class is designed to teach skills necessary to handle personal business and finances. The class focuses on money management and consumer skills including banking, credit and loans, income earning and taxes, investments and savings, and living and leisure expenses. Students practice weighing costs and benefits of various options when making life choices.